Upcoming Events

This is a 3 hour event that starts at 5pm and ends at 8pm. Participants are required to finish and hand in Junior Black Belt testing homework assignments in order to test

Teenagers and adults must have attended at least 22 practice sessions in order to qualify and should know all their material required to test for black belt. This is a 4 hour event. Testing starts at 8am and finishes about 12pm



This class is taught by JKN Dennis Zasoba. The class starts 4:30pm and runs until 5:30pm. All regular students are welcome to attend.

Color Belt Testing 10am-12pm. (fee) Potluck to follow. Color belt ranks from white belt to brown belt may attend this test for practice or promotion upon instructors recommendation

The 4pm class is cancelled and the 4:45pm class will be moved to 5pm


School closed

School closed for Highschool graduation ceremony

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